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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

18 Human Body Parts and Their Functions | Internal body organs - human body parts and their functions

The human body is composed number of biological systems and each of system work out specific functions necessary for living every day.

Here are some important part of the body and there function

human body parts and their functions

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The Heart

Its contractions begin 4 weeks after conception, before nerve cells are formed and continue to pulse even out of body in saline solution. 27949.3 liters of blood are pumped through 99,776.6 km of blood vessels in a day. The hollow muscles pump enough blood in an average life time to fill the fuel tanks of 56 moon rockets. Muscle cells called myocytes generate a total electrical current of about 2 watts that commands the fibers to contracts. Shortly after birth, those cells stop dividing.

The Brain

The 1.36 kg. organ stores 100 billion bits of information over the course of 70 years, equal to 500,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which stacked, would reach 711,31 km. Given its compact size (about 1.3608 kg) efficient power consumption (equivalent to a 20-watt light bulb) and massive storage capacity (100 billion bits of information), it can work better than any computer. At a time, our brain can retain 7 facts in the short-term memory Human brain contains 100 billion neurons or nerve cells.

The Blood

The Blood comprise plasma, RBC (Red Blood Cells/Erythrocytes). WBC (White Blood Cells/Leukocytes) and Platelets (Thrombocytes). Plasma is made up of 90% water, 7% proteins and other like nutrients, salts, nitrogen water, carbon-di-oxide and hormones.

8,000,000 RBCs are produced in the bone marrow. Every sound ranges between 4-6 million per cu mm3 (cube). WBC count normally ranges between 45000 to 11,000 per cu mm3 (cube).

Platelets also normally ranges between 15000 and 300,000 per cu mm3.

The Lungs

The shock of birth causes of first breath. Muscle contract, opening the chest and lowering interior air pressure. The baby’s mouth opens in protest, air rushes in and the newborn begins to inhale about 60 times a minute beginning the cycle of strife and breath.

Man breath 13-17 times a minute at rest and so during exercise. On an average we breath 21,600 times a day. We take in 295.261 m liters air in an average life span, enough to fill the Hindenburg airship one and a half times.

human body parts and their functions

The Liver

Among some 1000 widely divergent functions, the liver regulates hormonal balance, Cholesterol, blood clotting and parsons. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate if as much as two – third is removed, a whole liver can grow back. The alimentary system is a 9.14 meter-long tube from mouth to anus that breaks down food into particles tiny enough to pass form intestines into the blood stream. The nutrients are then routed to the largest gland in the body, the 1.36 kg liver, to be refined into chemical and ware-housed until demand soars.


In the human body, there are 639 muscles which also account of 40% of the total of body weight. The total number of muscles in the body is over 630. For smile It’s takes 17 muscles and 42 to stare largest muscle.

The Body

The intestines process 40.64 metric tons of food over the course of 70 years. The body has about 6.096 meters of small intestine and six of large, with a surface area of more than 9.29 sqm or five times the area of the body’s skin.

human body parts and their functions

Bones in the Body

Total 206 The longest bone in “femur” of the thigh bone. The smallest bone, the stapes or the stirrup bone is in the ankle. It can support 1600 kg. of weight.

The Foot

In his life, the average person will take one billion steps.

The Reproductive Organs

A man’s testes manufacture more sperm per second (about 2000) than a woman’s ovaries produce eggs in a life time (about 400).


Humans can detect 10,000 colours with eyes and a lighted candle 1.6 km away.


Skin helps to the regulate body temperature and protects our body tissues against injuries.

It's receive the stimuli and interpreted to the brain as touch, heat, and cold.

It is composed by three layers:- epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fatty tissue.


Can smell 2000 – 4000 different smells.


72.418 km of nerves send impulses as rapidly as 360 km per hour.


Our ears can defect 1500 different tones, 350 degree of loudness and trace the direction of a sound within 3 degree.


Produces 2 liters of hydrochloric acid daily. 5,00, 000 cells of stomach’s inner walls are replaced every minute to avoid damage of walls from acid.


Contains more than 10,000 taste buds which are renewed weekly. It can distinguish 500 different tastes.


1,25,000 hair grow in the scalp with 45 lost a day. Each follicle is capable of producing 9.14 meter in a life time.

human body parts and their functions

Some more facts about parts of the body

  • Largest organ in the body:- The skin an average man’s skin if spread out, would occupy nearly 2 sqm.
  • Most important organ:- The pituitary gland controls growth, reproduction and the working of the endocrine glands.
  • Some organs that never rest:- The heart and the kidney.
  • Some organs that you can do without:- Tonsils and the appendix.
  • Body’s instant energy provider The Liver, It stores glycogen, which the body converts into glucose and burns to provide energy.
  • Hardest substance of the body:- The enamel of the teeth.

Two billion body cells wear out and are replaced every day.

Most the outer layer of the skin is replaced every 15 to 30 days.

People who live in the high altitude have 2 liters more blood than those who live in lower regions.

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