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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Natural Beauty of Nature | What should we do to maintain our beauty of nature | What is the beauty of nature?

About nature and life

Nature is the treasure house of beauties, glories and mysteries. It is a panorama of beauty. It is a store – house of wonders, sight and sounds. Love of nature is instinctive in man. Nature, in her changing moods, appeals to every heart. If a man shuts his eyes to the manifold beauties of nature, he soon realizes his error. Nature is a book of gold, her every page is a glimpse of beauty.

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Natural Beauty of Nature

Nature is our life

Every object of nature is beautiful. Nature is one universal mother who gladly offers us her gifts. She presents her beauty in a thousand shapes and forms. The sunrise and the sunset, the silvery clouds, the thunder bolts, the lightning, the star-studded key, the rains, the rainbow, the Milky Way and the moon are manifestations of the beauties of nature. They delight every heart on earth. Now let us turn to the glories of the earth. The lofty mountains with snowy peaks, the limitless sea running up to the horizons, the water falls, the rivers and lakes with shining water sheets, the pearly dewdrops on the green grass, the green meadows the deep gloom and the wild beauty of the forest medleys of the colorful flowers, the life sustaining crops of wheat, maize, millet and barley, the countless tress covering the earth are rich beauties of the Mother Earth.

Then let us also view the pageantry of seasons. Summer makes everything glow and glister under the sun. Autumn is the season of the fruitfulness and mellow. The west wind blows scattering the golden leaves everywhere. Then winter comes with “all the form of radiant frost”. Spring follows winter. It is the queen of seasons. In spring, the earth wakes up from a long sleep. The earth is dressed in a green and gold mantle. Everything and everybody looks punged. Birds sing, peacock dance. Flowers bloom. Thus nature is every changing. And every changes is sweet and beautiful.

Natural Beauty of Nature

How does nature relate to life?

These myriad beauties of nature are fine feast for the eye, the ear and the nose. They add color and grace to our dull life. Nature has an appeal for poets, painters, scientists, philosophers and the common folk. Charles kingsley called upon us “to study nature as the countenance of God”. The poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, keats, Tennyson, Mathew-Arnold, Tagore, Bhartendu, Prasad and Pant gave a loving pictures of the beauties of nature in their poems. They call upon us to “return to nature” which is our guide, guardian, nurse and teacher. Nature serves as a balm to the men in distress. By turning our back to nature and becoming a blind devotee of materialism, we make “our life”. The great board to nature Wordsworth tells:-

“One impulse from a verned wood
May teach you more of man
Of moral evil and of good
Than all the sages can”.

The education of nature is of greater depth than that of dusty old books in the dingy class rooms. It is man who sleeps over the beauties of nature. Nature is flawless. John Milton rightly says:-

“Accuse not Nature she has done her part”.

Natural Beauty of Nature

What can nature teach us?

Man should not be a slave of the money by making himself busy in the “getting and spending” of money. He should give himself up to nature. He should have a mind that “watches and receives”. Lovers of nature go to Kashmir, Darjeeling, Nanital, Italy and Switzerland to bathe in the glories of nature. Nature does not simply give a sensuous pleasure, it is capable of giving a spiritual message. It is a symbol of God. So lovers of nature seek God through the medium of nature.

Natural Beauty of Nature

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