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Saturday, September 5, 2020

An Overview of Global Climate Change Definition, Effects of Global Warming and Causes of Climate Change | what is the importance/effects of climate change

Global climate change is the long-term shift in weather patterns globally. It is a holistic concept which refers to the changes in a regions’s overall weather patterns including precipitation, temperature, cloud cover and other such conditions which prevail for a longer period of time. The concept emphasizes on the change in Earth’s average temperature, Weather includes the short term changes witnessed in a region’s temperature, humidity, clouds and precipitation etc. The weather may vary from one day to another and morning to evening. However, the climate is the weather condition prevailing over an area for a longer period of time.

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The Impact of Climate Change

Anything that has an impact on the amount of energy being absorbed and radiated from the Sun is contributor to the global climate change. These changes can have short-term or long-term impacts. One such process is the greenhouse effect which leads to global warning. The human activities have led to the rise in the greenhouse gases which have resulted in global warning. The greenhouse gases include the carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. The greenhouse gases have the potential to trap the heat in the atmosphere and keep the Earth warm. They capture the infrared rediations released by the surface of Earth and make the atmosphere warmer. The impact of the greenhouse gases is circulated through the water vapour in our atmosphere. A fact states that without the greenhouse gases, the Earth would have been a frozen planet. So, the concern is not the presence of greenhouse gases but the human activities which are contributing to the rise of the same. The burning of fossil fuels is the largest source of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Besides deforestation, emissions from the vehicles and industrial effluents are some of the causes of the rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and choloroflorocarbons also lead to the ozone layer depletion.

How does global warming contribute to climate change

Over the year, the climate of the earth has changed considerably. The Earth is warming. The small changes in the average temperature of the planet can lead to dangerous shifts in climate and weather. This is quite evident from the fact that there have been significant changes in the patterns of rainfall at certain places. These have resulted in droughts, floods or intense rains. The oceans are warming and becoming more acidic. The glaciers and melting, leading to the rise in the sea levels. The global climate change has led to the variations in the seasons, which have further led to the changes in the behavior of different species.

If not checked timely, global climate change may lead to various problems, few of which include..

  • Spread of vector borne diseases due to increase in weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rainfall and heat waves
  • An imbalance in the natural ecosystem
  • Expansion of sub-tropical deserts
  • Acidification of the oceans
  • Affect on the basic necessities such as water supplies, electricity and agriculture.

How to Overcome on Global Warming

All these hint towards a dire need of the urgent steps to be taken in order to reduce the greenhouse effect. People can make a difference by changing their everyday habits and lifestyle, The problem of global warming can be controlled by minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. The practice of deforestation needs to be strongly discourages. Instead, the focus should be on the plantation of more trees and plants. The trees and plants absorb the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. The educational institutions and NGOs can create awareness among the children and people regarding the problem of global climate change. The more is the awareness, the more it will be helpful in solving the problems related to climate change. Our government has a very important role to play in rectifying the problem. The governments can provide special concessions and rebate on the use of clean fuels. The focus of the countries should be to reduce their carbon footprints i.e. the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. The recently released ranking of countries by Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), points towards the position of different countries regarding their efforts towards dealing with the global climate change. First three spots were left vacant, therefore France leads the list followed by Sweden (5th ) and UK (6th ). India was ranked 20th among the 58 countries.

The Climate Change division of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is coordinating the National Action Plan on Climate Change to tackle the global issue on a national level. It has undertaken many new efforts under the National Action Plan which work around achieving eight missions namely:-

  • National Solar Mission on Sustainable Development
  • National Water Mission
  • National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • National Mission on Sustainable Development
  • National Water Mission
  • National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem
  • National Mission for a Green India
  • National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture and National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change

The National Action Plan on climate Change pulls together all the mission bundled with effective implementation and additional efforts to reduce the stress of climate change. IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) was founded in 1998 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and UNEP jointly as a place to study global warming problems at a governmental level. In 1994, UNGFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) came into force and is considered as the parent Treaty of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Their objective is to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that will prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system. Later initiatives include REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), REDD+, establishment of Green Climate Fund etc. The Paris Climate Change Agreement, within the aegis of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is a giant leap in this direction. Under the agreement, the countries are expected to set their own targets for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Here the target is not a give legal binding commitment, but the countries need to update them every five years. The agreement is scheduled to go into effect from 2020.

The Conclusion of Climate Change and Global Warming

As a conclusion, we can say that there are many effects of climate change which are seriously affecting our environment, health and biodiversity. Thus, there is a need to put check on and contain the rising menace of climate change with the joint efforts of the people, countries and the global environment regulators so that the problem of Global Climate Change can be reversed.

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